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What is Oska® Pulse?

Oska® Pulse is a medical pain relief device that works to relieve pain at the source. The device is lightweight, portable and can be worn on any part of your body where there is pain.

American High-Tech Electromagnetic Field Cell Restoration Technology

Made in USA I  Wearable I Easy to use   

Effective: Clinically proven pain and inflammation relief at the source

Safe: Drug and ingredient-free.  Safe for continuous use with no adverse effects.  Safe for diabetics, arthritics, bedridden and the elderly and can be used with any medication.

Value for Money: One-time cost. Rechargeable up to 5 years. There is no on-going fees with purchasing refills for accessories.  

PEMF Medical Device with international certifications

    • FDA Class 1 Medical Device (USA)
    • CE Class IIa Medical Device (Europe)
    • TGA Class IIa Medical Device (Australia)
    • MDA Class B Medical Device (Malaysia)
  • Intensity: 9 Gauss
  • Frequency Range: 1-150Hz
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Battery Life: Rechargeable up to 5 years 
  • Battery Capacity: Full charge time around 3 hours. Approximately 20 hours usage

Oska® Pulse has received MedTech Breakthrough Award in USA on 2017 & 2018.

2017 The "Best IoT Healthcare Wearable Device"

2018 the " Best New Technology Solution - Pain Management" 


There are 2 types Oska® Pulse:

Oska® Pulse Standard 

- Treatment session 90 mins/session


Oska® Pulse From Your Doctor 

- Treatment session 180 mins/session

The main difference between Oska Pulse Standard & Oska Pulse from your doctor is the device setting on Sequential Treatment Program (STP).

1. Oska Pulse Standard treatment session is 90 mins/per session, STP mode focus on general pain relief and blood circulation improvement.

2. Oska Pulse from your doctor treatment session is 180 mins/per session, STP mode focus on target inflammation with double duration of treatment session.

Oska Pulse From Your Doctor is recommended by Doctor/Medical Professional for more specific indications. Please contact our customer careline at +6018-231 3099 for more information.


How long will I see results or feel a benefit?

Most people notice an improvement quite quickly, even after the first few applications.  When people start using Oska® Pulse, the first thing they notice is that they sleep better and feel more relaxed. Typically, significant improvement is noticeable after several weeks, and reinforced with continued use. A condition you’ve had for several years will take longer than a few days to resolve.     Consistency is the key to get the most from your device. 


What body parts can I use Oska® Pulse on?

Oska® Pulse can be used anywhere on the body, wherever there is pain and inflammation.



Do I still need to keep using Oska® Pulse even the pain has completely gone?

After consistently using Oska® Pulse , your pain can be under control or gone, but it does not mean the underlying issue causing your pain is resolved. Even if you do not have pain, using Oska® Pulse on a daily basis helps as a preventative mechanism and with the regeneration of your cells.


I am consistently using  Oska® Pulse and my pain has stopped. Can I stop my medications?

Many of our Oska® Pulse  users successfully find relief or manage their pain. Thus they do not feel the need for continuing with medication, especially pain killers. However, please consult your Doctor review your use of Oska® Pulse , and ask if it is ok to reduce / modify your medications (especially reducing pain killer intake).


How does Oska® Pulse work?

Oska® Pulse uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) to help relieve pain. Emitting a 56cm diameter field, the device does not need to be directly attached to the skin but simply near the area of pain to be effective. The PEMF field travels through clothing and all types of tissue to address the source of pain at the cellular level.

Oska® Pulse is designed to be fully integrated into your lifestyle so that you can benefit from it anytime, wherever you are.


What is PEMF Technology?

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) is a widely utilized technology by NASA, the VA, Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic, among others, for decades. PEMF has been considered an effective and non-invasive way to relieve pain for over 60 years, primarily in a clinical setting with over 10,000 clinical studies supporting its effectiveness.


When cells become distressed from disease, trauma or toxins, they lose their ability to function efficiently. PEMF uses electromagnetic waves that pulse on precise frequencies enabling cells to recover their ability to create energy, function and reproduce.


Oska® Pulse took clinical PEMF technology and put it into an affordable, portable wearable device so people can benefit from it outside of the medical office or hospital. PEMF has no known side effects and it cannot be over used.




Is Oska® Pulse clinically proven?

Yes. In a randomized, double-blind placebo clinical study, the majority of patients achieved significant pain reduction with Oska® Pulse.* 

*Shurman, J., Wiederhold, BK., Kasendorf, R., Qian, J., Miller, I., Wiederhold, MD. Treating Chronic Pain Using the Oska Pulse Device: A Double Blind Clinical Trial Using Placebo.www.practicalpainmanagement.com. 2018 Feb.


Does Oska® Pulse have side effect?

No. There have never been any reported side effects for PEMF technology or Oska® Pulse. Some people may feel a warming sensation near the device, but that is due to increased blood flow from PEMF.


Is there anyone who should not use the Oska® Pulse device?

Oska® Pulse is contraindicated for active cancer, pregnancy, pacemakers (implants) and patients taking chemotherapy treatments. It is always recommended to check with your doctor or healthcare provider before trying any new medical device.


How is Oska® Pulse different than TENS units?

The most remarkable difference is that while TENS provides temporary pain masking, Oska® works at the source of pain. There are ongoing costs of electrodes and frequently will cause skin irritation at the application site.

Oska® Pulse relieves pain, and over time, most find they can decrease usage. There are no ongoing costs and no known side effects.


I wear a magnetic bracelet, how is Oska® Pulse different?

Your magnetic bracelet uses a static magnet. Oska® Pulse uses a series of modulated pulsed electromagnetic energy fields that create a more profound action in the body. These energy fields are designed to resonate with (or mimic) the same electrical potentials (energy) generated by cellular activity in your body that happens naturally during physical activity.


Do I need to lie down when using Oska® Pulse?

No, you can go about your normal daily activities at work or play.  Just don’t go for a swim while wearing it…..Oska® Pulse doesn’t like water! It is a valuable bio-electronic device so please treat accordingly. 


Why do I need to drink more water when using Oska® Pulse?

Drinking more water will optimize PEMF treatment.   The effects of modulating cell membrane can assist in flushing toxins from the bloodstream. If you experience headaches during or after using Oska® Pulse, you should increase your fluid intake. 


How do I know the Oska® Pulse is turned ON?

Press the “POWER” button on the top of the Oska® Pulse once to turn on and start the treatment protocol which run for 90 minutes (1.5 hours)/ 180 minutes (3 hours).

There is an audible beep and the LED lights inside the case will start glowing. Your Oska® Pulse is designed to turn OFF automatically at the end of the session.  When the Oska® Pulse turns off, there are 3 audible beeps and the LED lights will turn off.


How to turn OFF the Oska® Pulse manually?

To turn OFF before the end of its treatment program, press the “POWER” button THREE (3) times in quick succession.

Note: Optimal results are achieved when the 4-part sequential program runs to its full completion. 



How often should I use the device?

The recommended usage is the minimum usage. Other than time to charge the devices, you can use them as much as possible. The more use the quicker the result. Just ensure water is being consumed to flush toxins out of body.


Frequent Use is Recommended

Pain Status

Frequency of Use

I Have Pain

2+ times per day

My Pain Is Improving

1-2x per day

My Pain Is Almost Gone

1x per day


As Needed


Can I use Oska® Pulse while sleeping? 

Yes. It is safe to use Oska® Pulse while sleeping, and it is especially efficient managing your pain., The device will run for its pre-programmed duration then turn off automatically.


How do I charge the battery?

To charge your Oska® Pulse, plug the charging cable into the USB port on your computer, or an AC charging adapter, and plug the other end into the docking port on the end of the device.

During the charging phase, the lights at the opposite end of the charging plug on the device will illuminate and stay lit through charging. When the lights turn off, the device will be fully charged. It typically takes 3 hours to reach full charge.

To prolong the life span of the battery, it is advisable to recharge Oska® Pulse every 1 or 2 days, don’t wait until the battery is totally flat.

Note: Do not turned on the device while charging as the electric field may be interrupted during charging.


How do I know if the battery is running low? 

If Oska® Pulse switches off in less than 30 minutes or beeps multiple times when pressing the start button, this indicates the battery needs re-charging.


What is the best way to run-in the battery?

As the battery is new, you may only get 5 or 6 applications before the need to re-charge. After fully re-charging 2 or 3 times, you should get between 12 ~ 15 x 90 minute applications before the need to re-charge the battery (for 90-minutes Version). However, more frequent charging of the battery will help to improve total battery life.


How many sessions can run for full battery?

We know many situations may affect the battery capacity & performance such as the temperature and frequency of usage, below is for your reference:

- Oska® Pulse Standard Version should run around 12~15 times until battery starts signaling low battery.

- Oska® Pulse From Your Doctor Version should run around 7 times until battery starts signaling low battery.


How do I know if Oska® Pulse  is charging? When charging is completed?

There are 2 LED light up at the front while your Oska® Pulse is charging. These 2 LED will go dim / or almost no light means your Oska® Pulse has been fully charged. 

The Oska® Pulse is programmed to go in to sleep mode once fully charged. It will not overcharge.


What is the battery life?

Oska® Pulse contains a Lithium-ion battery, that is tested to be safe and reliable. However Lithium-ion battery capacity depletes over time, with frequency of use and other conditions. The Oska® Pulse Manufacturer warranty on the device is 1 year, but average device lifetime is much longer.


My Oska® Pulse has not been used for a long period of time, when I plug in the charging cable and it has no LED light, what should I do?

The battery may be completely empty without charge since it has been idle for long period of time. When you re-charge the Oska® Pulse, it will have no LED light on, please let it charge for longer time, say 20-30 minutes the LED light will turn on again. Please keep charging your Oska® Pulse until it is fully charge again.


Is there any warranty period?

Warranty period for manufacturer defect 1 year. Oska® Pulse manufacturer / distributor reserves the right to replace a defective product with the most comparative product currently available.


Can I travel with Oska® Pulse?

Yes! Oska® Pulse is approved for air and ground travel.  However, if requested please hand Oska® Pulse to designated authorities for direct inspection. Be sure to keep Oska® Pulse in your carry-on luggage...it's great on the plane, too!


Where do I place Oska® Pulse?

Oska® Pulse can be used under or over clothing so you don’t have to place it on your skin. Place Oska® close to the source of pain, not necessarily where you feel the pain. For example, sciatic pain felt in the outer hip or thigh area, may be due to pressure on the sciatic nerve in the lower back. In this case, place Oska® in the lumbar region (L4-L5).


Do I place the curved or flat side to my body?

You can place either surface, flat or curved to the area you are treating. Use whichever is the most comfortable.  Oska® Pulse covers an effective treatment area of up to 30cm (12 Inches) from its internal coil.




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